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There are many excellent resources on smoking. Below we have compiled a list of resources that we think might be useful to you. Be sure to check out the resources listed on other sections of the website, too.


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  • Smokefree.gov
    URL: www.smokefree.gov
    description: Online guide and resources for quitting.

  • American Cancer Society's Quitting Tips
    URL: www.cancer.org/docroot/PED/ped_10_3.asp

  • Quit 4 Life
    URL: www.quit4life.com
    description: Site devoted to helping teens quit. Available in English and French.

  • American Lung Association -- Freedom From Smoking -- Web-Based Smoking Cessation Support
    URL: www.lungusa.org

  • Q web
    URL: www.qweb.org
    description: Quit site geared to teens.

  • No Butts
    URL: nobutts.ucsd.edu
    description: Another site for teenagers about quitting smoking.

  • Quit Net
    URL: www.quitnet.com
    description: Online quit smoking program with a large support community.

  • Stop Smoking Center
    URL: www.stopsmokingcenter.net
    description: Online smoking cessation program that can help you prepare to quit.

  • CDC's How to Quit -- Useful Resources to Quit Smoking
    URL: www.cdc.gov/tobacco/how2quit.htm

  • Telephone Counseling for Smoking Cessation -- talk to an expert in your state
    URL: smokefree.gov/usmap.html
    description: Find a quitline in your state, or find out about national quitlines.

  • SilkQuit meter
    URL: www.silkquit.org
    description: Keeps track of cigarettes, money, and lifetime saved from quitting smoking in order to help motivate quitters.

  • Children Helping and Motivating Parents to Stop Smoking (CHAMPSS)
    URL: www.champss.org

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