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addiction gateway page anesthesia complications anxiety disorders apple-shaped weight gain asthma atherosclerosis bidis gateway page birth defects [cleft palate] bone and muscle pain breastfeeding cancer gateway page cancer of the esophagus cancer of the mouth cancer of the nose cancer of the pancreas cancer of the penis cancer of the throat [cancer of the pharynx, cancer of the larynx] cardiomyopathy cataracts cervical cancer children of smokers gateway page cigars gateway page circulatory system gateway page congestive heart failure contact allergies chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) [emphysema, chronic bronchitis] crohn's disease decreased endurance depression diabetes digestive system gateway page disgusting to kiss dizziness early menopause ectopic pregnancy endocrine system gateway page environmental tobacco smoke (second-hand smoke) erectile dysfunction (ED, impotence) eye irritation failed dental implants fire deaths goiter graves' disease hearing loss heart attacks [coronary heart disease] heartburn human immunodeficiency virus (HIV, the virus that causes AIDS) immune system gateway page impaired lung function impaired sense of smell impaired sense of taste increased blood pressure increased heart rate increased respiratory symptoms [cough with phlegm] infections infections after surgery female infertility male infertility injuries irregular menstrual periods [cramps, hot flashes] kidney damage long-term problems in children of mothers who smoke lower estrogen levels lung cancer systemic lupus erythematosus macular degeneration mental health gateway page middle ear disease miscarriage multiple sclerosis muscular system gateway page nervous system gateway page nystagmus optic neuritis optic neuropathy osteoporosis periodontal disease (gum disease) peripheral vascular disease [Beurger's disease] peyronie's disease pleasant feelings poor bone perfusion poor perfusion poorer general health [respiratory symptoms, headache, neck and shoulder pain, stomachache, nausea, nervousness, sleep problems, colds] poorer response to immunizations pregnancy gateway page premature birth problems during pregnancy [placenta previa, abruptio placentae] psoriasis reflex sympathetic dystrophy female reproductive system gateway page male reproductive system gateway page respiratory system gateway page respiratory infections [influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis] rheumatoid arthritis rhinitis schizophrenia senses gateway page short-term gateway page shy-drager syndrome sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) skeletal system gateway page skin gateway page skin irritation slow healing after bone surgery slow healing after mouth surgery slow healing after surgery slow healing of broken bones small baby size smokeless tobacco gateway page (spit tobacco) snoring spinocerebellar degeneration squamous cell carcinoma (form of skin cancer) stillbirth stroke ['brain attack', subarachnoid hemorrhage] substance abuse surgery gateway page those around smokers gateway page throat problems [coughing, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing] tobacco amblyopia tolerance ulcer urinary system gateway page urinary tract cancers [bladder cancer] urinary tract problems use despite harmful effects vulvar cancer weight gain withdrawal symptoms in children of mothers who smoke withdrawal symptoms wrinkles

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